The Ultimate Guide to Baseball in Danville, CA

As a seasoned expert in the world of baseball, I am often asked about the various organizations and teams associated with the sport in different cities. Today, I will be delving into the beautiful town of Danville, CA and its thriving baseball scene. Located in the San Ramon Valley, Danville is a picturesque town known for its charming downtown area, top-rated schools, and of course, its love for baseball.

The Danville Little League

One of the most well-known baseball organizations in Danville is the Danville Little League. Founded in 1963, this league has been providing children aged 4-16 with a fun and competitive environment to learn and play baseball.

The league is run entirely by volunteers and is a part of the larger Little League International organization. The Danville Little League has a strong focus on player development and offers various divisions based on age and skill level. They also have a Challenger division for children with physical or intellectual disabilities, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to play and enjoy the game. One of the highlights of this league is their annual Opening Day parade, where all teams march through downtown Danville to kick off the season. This event brings together the entire community and showcases the town's love for baseball.

Danville Baseball Academy

For those looking for more advanced training and development, the Danville Baseball Academy is a top choice. Founded by former professional baseball player, Steve Ontiveros, this academy offers year-round training programs for players of all ages. The academy has state-of-the-art facilities including batting cages, pitching tunnels, and a full-size indoor field.

They also have a team of experienced coaches who have played at various levels of the sport, providing players with valuable insights and techniques. The Danville Baseball Academy also has a travel team program, known as the Danville Hoots. These teams compete in tournaments across the country and have a strong track record of producing talented players who go on to play at the collegiate and professional level.

San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League

Baseball is not just a sport for boys in Danville, as the San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League (SRVGAL) proves. This organization offers girls aged 5-18 the opportunity to play softball and develop their skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. The SRVGAL has various divisions based on age and skill level, and also offers a Challenger division for girls with disabilities. They have a strong focus on sportsmanship and teamwork, making it a great option for girls who want to learn and play baseball. In addition to regular season games, the SRVGAL also hosts an annual All-Star game and a summer tournament, bringing together teams from different cities in the Bay Area.

San Ramon Valley High School Baseball

For high school students in Danville, baseball is a popular sport with a strong following.

The San Ramon Valley High School baseball team, known as the Wolves, has a long history of success and is highly regarded in the community. The Wolves have won numerous league championships and have produced several players who have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional level. The team also has a strong focus on academics, with many players going on to attend top universities. In addition to the high school team, there are also several youth baseball programs in Danville that feed into the high school program. This ensures a strong pipeline of talented players for years to come.


From the Danville Little League to the San Ramon Valley High School team, there are plenty of opportunities for children and teenagers to play baseball in Danville. Whether it's for fun and recreation or for more serious training and development, these organizations offer a range of options for players of all ages and skill levels. So if you're a baseball enthusiast living in or visiting Danville, be sure to check out these organizations and experience the town's love for the sport firsthand.

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